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Wildlife Encounters around the Globe

Huge Bull Moose Pursues Cow into Maligne Lake During the Rut

Huge Dominant Elk Bull Runs off Satellite Bull and Returns to His Cows During the Rut

Huge Elk Bull Bugles after Battle During the Rut

Huge Elk Bull Courting a Cow During the Rut Bugles

Huge Elk Bulls Battle

Huge Elk Bulls Courting and Bugling During the Rut

Huge Grizzly Bear Mum and Cub Approaching

Huge Moose Crossing Maligne River Ready for the Rut

Impressive Elk Bull with the Last Bugles of the Elk Rut

Is a Winter Grizzly Bear More Dangerous

Largest Bighorn Ram Courting and Asserting Dominance During the Rut

Last Bugle and Encounter with the Talbot Titan Giant Elk Bull During Rut

Late Evening Victory Bugles After a Heavy Elk Rut Season The Sheriff

Magnificent Bull Elk Bugles and Chuckles During the Rut

Magnificent Bull Elk Herding Cows and Bugling During a Cool Rut Day

Magnificent Bull Moving Cows early in the Elk Rut

Magnificent Elk Bull Bugles Lakeside in Canadas Rockies

Magnificent Injured Bull Elk May have issues this Rut

Magnificent New Elk Bull Boss Bugles His Dominance During this Years Rut

Magnificent New Elk Bull Boss Courting During the Rut

Moose Bull with long Dewlap in Maligne River

Moose Calves Grow More than 10 Times their Birth Mass in 5 Months!

Moose in Beautiful Maligne Lake, Jasper

Mother Bears Can be So Tolerant with Cubs

Mountain Goats Descend for a Drink Looking Great

Mule Deer Bucks Weathering Winter Well in Canadas Rockies

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