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Ecuador, located on the west coast of South America, is a diverse and beautiful country known for its stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and cultural heritage. Here's an overview of what Ecuador has to offer

Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a top attraction in Ecuador. This archipelago is famous for its unique wildlife, including giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies. Explore the islands through guided tours, snorkel or dive in the pristine waters, and witness the ongoing process of evolution.

Quito, Ecuador

Quito, the capital city, is known for its well-preserved colonial center and beautiful architecture. Visit the historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see landmarks such as the Plaza de la Independencia, the Basilica del Voto Nacional, and the Church of the Society of Jesus. Take a cable car ride to the top of the Pichincha volcano for panoramic views.

Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest

Ecuador is home to a portion of the Amazon rainforest, offering opportunities for immersive jungle experiences. Visit the Yasuni National Park or the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve to explore the incredible biodiversity, take guided hikes through the jungle, and learn about indigenous communities and their way of life.

Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi National Park is home to the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding in the park's scenic landscapes, and marvel at the stunning views of the volcano and surrounding Andean peaks.

Baños, Ecuador

Baños, a town located in the central highlands, is known for its natural beauty and adventure activities. Take a dip in the hot springs, go white-water rafting in the Pastaza River, or hike to the impressive Pailon del Diablo waterfall. Baños is also a starting point for exploring the nearby Tungurahua volcano.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a charming colonial city in the southern part of Ecuador. Stroll through its cobblestone streets, admire the colonial architecture, and visit attractions such as the Cuenca Cathedral, the Plaza de las Flores, and the Museo de las Conceptas. Explore the nearby Inca ruins of Ingapirca, the largest Inca archaeological site in Ecuador.

Ecuador's Avenue of the Volcanoes

The Avenue of the Volcanoes is a scenic region in the Ecuadorian Andes, known for its impressive volcanoes and stunning landscapes. Take a train ride through the picturesque countryside, hike in the foothills of volcanoes such as Chimborazo or Cayambe, and visit traditional indigenous markets in towns like Otavalo.

Ecuador's diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and remarkable biodiversity make it a captivating destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those interested in exploring unique ecosystems and cultural traditions.

Tours in Ecuador | more Tours in Ecuador

10 Day Trip to the Huaorani Community in the Ecuadorian Amazon

12 Day Gal pagos Islands and Machu Picchu Experience

15 Days Classic Highlights Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

1 Day Cultural Tour Otavalo And Cuicocha Lagoon

1 day private tour Historic center of Quito Middle of the World and Cable Car

2 day 1 night tour to Cotopaxi Volcano and Quilotoa Lagoon all included

2 Day Antisana and Quilotoa Volcanoes private trip from Quito

2 Day Cotopaxi Volcano and Quilotoa Lagoon Overnight Excursion from Quito

2 Day Private Tour to Mindo Cloud Forest from Quito

2 Day Private Tour to Otavalo Market and surroundings from Quito

2 Day Private Tour to Quilotoa Lagoon and Ba os Village from Quito

2 Day Private Tour to Termas de Papallacta Spa and Antisana Volcano

2 days Bike Tour Biking to the Pacific Coast

2 days Bike Tour Daule VIVE LA EXPERIENCIA LEVEL 1

2 days Bike Tour Daule VIVE LA EXPERIENCIA LEVEL 2

2 Days Bird Watching Tour from Quito

2 Days Cotopaxi National Park

2 Days Visit Ba os Ecuador s Swing At The End Of The World

2 Day Tour of Cotopaxi Volcano and Quilotoa Lagoon with hotel

2 Night Quito Experience Transfer Tour and Mariscal Accommodation

360 tour

3 Day Altar Volcano Trekking Tour to Laguna Amarilla from Riobamba

3 Day Andean Train and Volcanoes

3 day BikeandHike Cotopaxi Quilotoa Chimborazo The heart of the Andes

3 Day Cotopaxi Quilotoa and Ba os on the Andes Trip from Quito

3 Day Otavalo and Andes Highlights

3 Day Private Tour in Andes Mountains Hiking and Local Communities

3 Day Private Tour to Quilotoa Lagoon and Ba os Village from Quito

3 Days 2 Night Holy Water Baths Jungle Extreme Sports All Inclusive

3 Days Mashpi Cloud Forest

3 Day Tour in Quito City Mitad del MundoCotopaxi Volcano and Quilotoa Lagoon

3 Day Trip Cotopaxi VolcanoBa os small town and the Devil s Nose Train from Quito

3 Day Trip of Cultural Experience in Quito

3 Day Wedding Elopement in Quito

4 Day Cuyabeno Amazon Rainforest Trip

4 Day Ecuador Amazon Jungle Tour Lodge in Cuyabeno Reserve

4 Day Galapagos Land Tour San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Island

4 Day Galapagos Land Tour Visiting Isabela and Santa Cruz

4 Day Galapagos Tour Santa Cruz and 2 Uninhabited Islands

4 Day Gal pagos en Santa Cruz Island Land Tour

4 Day Gal pagos Tour in San Cristobal Island Land based

4 Day in San Cristobal Gal pagos IslandsLow Budget

4 Day in Santa Cruz Gal pagos IslandsLow Budget

4 Days Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge

4 Days Galapagos Island Hopping At A Glance

4 Days Galapagos Land Tour Visiting San Cristobal Island

4 Days La Selva Amazon Lodge Full Board

4 Days Paddle Board Laguna Grande

4 Days Quito Papallacta Cooking Class Nights Polo Club

4 Days Train Of Wonder Across The Highlands

4 Days Train Of Wonders Across The Highlands To The Coast

4 Day Trekking and Horseback Riding on the Andes

4 Day Trip Cuyabeno Amazon Experience

4 Day Trip on Avenue of the Volcanoes and Nariz del Diablo Train from Quito

4 or 5 Day Galapagos Islands Explorer Package from Santa Cruz Island

5 Day All Inclusive Galapagos Isabela and Santa Cruz Island

5 Day Amazon Cuyabeno Adventure

5 Day Cuyabeno Amazon Eco Lodge Adventure

5 Day Cuyabeno Reserve Amazon Rainforest Trip

5 day Diving in Santa Cruz Galapagos Islands

5 Day Galapagos Budget

5 Day Galapagos Diving Tour Accommodation and Full Day Diving Excursions

5 Day Galapagos Island Hopping Classic

5 Day Galapagos Islands plus Bike Kayak Hike Snorkel

5 Day Gal pagos Islands Land based Tour

5 Day Gal pagos Trip in San Cristobal Island Land based

5 Day Gal pagos Trip in Santa Cruz Island Land based

5 Day Guided Galapagos and Los Tuneles Tour

5 day Multisport Tour in Santa Cruz Galapagos Island Hopping

5 Day Package

5 Day Private Tour Amazon and Andes Adventure

5 Days Cotopaxi Devil s Nose Cuenca and Guayaquil Devil s Nose Route 12km

5 Days Galapagos Islands Highlights Tour

5 Days Isabela Island Hopping At A Glance

5 Days Magic Island Hopping Half Board 9713001

5 Days Napo Wildlife

5 Day tour Quito s Highlights and Surroundings

5 Day Trip in San Cristobal Galapagos Land basedLow budget

5 Day Trip in Santa Cruz and Isabela Galapagos Land basedLow budget

5 Day Trip in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Land basedLow budget

5 Day Trip in Santa Cruz Gal pagos Land basedLow budget

5 Day Yasuni Kayak Exploration Shared Tour

6 Day Ecuador Andes and Amazon Multisport Adventure

6 Day Galapagos Adventure Hiking Diving Snorkeling

6 Day Galapagos All Inclusive Island Hopping Tour

6 Day Galapagos Islands plus Bike Kayak Hike Snorkel

6 Day Galapagos Land Tour Los Tuneles Program

6 Day Hiking in the Ecuadorian Andes

6 Day Hotel Based Galapagos Santa Cruz and Navigable Islands

6 Day in Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands Galapagos Land basedLow budget

6 Day land base Trip Isabela 2 Islands

6 day Multi Sport Tour in Galapagos including Isabela

6 Days Galapagos Islands Highlights Tour

6 Days Galapagos Land Tour starting in San Cristobal Island including Santa Cruz

6 Days Galapagos Wildlife Comfort Hotels

6 Day Trip in Gal pagos Land based including 4 Islands

6 Day Trip in San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands Galapagos Land basedLow budget

7 Day Diving in the Galapagos Islands San Cristobal Santa Cruz

7 Day Galapagos Island Hopping with Isabela

7 Days Galapagos Islands Highlights Tour

7 days Galapagos Multi Sport Tour

7 Days Galapagos Wildlife Essential Half Board

7 Day Tour of Galapagos and Quito Including Hotel and Transfers

8 Day Galapagos Adventure San Cristobal Santa Cruz Isabela Island

8 Day Galapagos Family Charter

8 Day Galapagos Island Hopping Tour Land Tour Including 4 Islands

8 Day Galapagos Island Hopping with Hacienda La Danesa in Guayaquil

8 Day Gal pagos Island Hopping with Quito

8 Day Highlights of the Andes with Hacienda La Danesa from Quito

8 Day Land based Trip in Gal pagos exploring 5 IslandsLow budget

8 Day Private Trip Multi Sport Adventure Andes and Upper Amazon Basin from Quito

8 Days Diving Galapagos Darwin And Wolf Islands Onboard Mv Blue Spirit

8 Days Galapagos Islands Highlights Tour

8 Day Tour of Galapagos and Quito Including Hotels and Transfers

8 Day Tour of Quito and Galapagos Islands

8 Day Trip in the Andes including Upper Amazon in Tena

8 Day Trip the Gal pagos Islands Land based exploring 5 Islands

9 Day Andes Highlands and Amazon Rainforest from Quito

9 Day Ecuadorian Coast Tour Including Isla de la Plata from Guayaquil

9 Day Tour Including Hacienda La Danesa and Galapagos

9 Day Trip Andes Essences Small Groups from Quito to Guayaquil

Adventure Action and Accomodation Quito to Banos to Amazon min 3 pax

Adventure Fun River Rafting in Ba os Ecuador

Adventure in crystal clear waters and caverns in Napo 2D as 1Night All inclusive

Airport Quito Ba os Selva Un Dia Nariz Del Diablo Train Quilotoa

Airport shuttle service

Airport Transfer Service in Quito City

All inclusive Quito to Banos 2 day tour

All You Need to Know About Cuenca in a Smooth Walk in the Historic District

Altisimo Taste the Rare Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Amazon Rain Forest in 4 days

Andean Choco Biosphere Quito Rainforest

Andes Ride Express one day

Andes to Amazon Multiadventure Biking Horseback Rafting Hiking Amazon Adventure


Antisana Volcano Birding and Natural History Condor Tour PRIVATE all included

Antisana Volcano Condors Watching and Easy Hike Full Day from Quito

Antisanilla Horseback Riding PRIVATE ALL INCLUSIVE

A Ride Through The Paradise

Ascent to Chimborazo high mountain summit

Ascent to Tungurahua Volcano

Avenue of the Volcanoes with drop off in Guayaquil city in 4 days

Ba os 2Day1Night Tour All Included tours accommodation

Ba os 3Day2Night Tour All included tours accommodation

Ba os Food Tour Taste of Ecuador

Ba os Puyo Selva 2 Days 1 Night Several Activities Hotel All Inclusive Food

Ba os to Monta ita

Ba os to Quito

Ba os Tour from Quito 1 Day Private Tour

Barbershop and hairdressing

Barranquismo Canyoning Casahurco Directo 4999 Por Persona Incluye Una Trucha

Bartolome Island Full Day Tour Snorkeling and Hiking Trip

Bartolome Island Galapagos 1 Day Tour

Bay Tour Isla Santa Cruz Galapagos

Beach Wedding Ceremony from Quito

Best of the Unesco sites of Old Quito plus much much more of Quito and Middle of World Private Tour

Bicicletas Cuadrones Motos Jeep Y Buggys Directo 1999 Usd Por Hora Oferta

Bicycle rental

Bicycle tour Along the banks of the Daule River Guayaquil

Bicycle tour Bosque de los Gigantes La Esperanza from Guayaquil

Bicycle tour Daule The Rice Capital of Ecuador Guayaquil

Bicycle tour Los Lojas A natural secret From Guayaquil

Bike Canopy Tree House And Night Tours In A Day At Ba os Offer

Bike City Tour Cuenca

Bike Rental


Bike Tour Along the Buenavista River to Puerto L pez From Guayaquil or Daule

BIKE TOUR Descent of The Andes

Birding Tour

Bird Watching Tours with Sandra Pl a Manabi Ecuador

Bosque Petrificado de Puyango

Budapest Express


Cajas National Park Full Day Visit

Cajas National Park Hiking Tour

Caminata Al Paramo Senderismo Trekking

Canoa beach horse back riding excursion Gallop on the beach in Ecuador

Canopy 1300m Round trip on the Manto de la Novia waterfall and Casa del Arbol

Canopy Cascade Route And Tree House 3 Activities In One Day

Canopy Puente Tibetano V a Ferrata Y Tarabita 4 En 1 1999 Usd Por Persona

Canopy Zip Line 1300 Metros Ida Y Vuelta Directo 1499 Usd Por Persona Oferta

Canyoning Barranquismo Con La Cascada Mas Grande De Ba os 45 Metros Oferta

Canyoning Chamana Ba os de AguaSanta Ecuador

Canyoning cloud forest private day trip

Canyoning level IV Adventure day trip near Guayaquil

Canyoning Rio Blanco from Ba os

Casa Del Arbol Columpio Del Fin Del Mundo Directo 499 Usd Por Persona Oferta

Cave of the Tayos Mysterious Caverns Wells of Light in One Day Offer Puyo

Changing of the Guard Ceremony including Government Palace Tour in Quito

Charles Darwin Station and Tortuga Bay beach Day Tour with lunch

Chimborazo and Guano Full Day from Guayaquil

Chimborazo Day Trip Ba os Riobamba Ecuador

Chimborazo Tour from Ba os Hiking and Downhill Bike All Inclusive

Chocolate and Cocoa Tour Experience in Farm Tourism


City tour and equator line

City Tour Con Mitad Del Mundo

City Tour In Cuenca Half Day More Visit To Hat Factory

City tour in E scooter and Lava tunnel

City Tour in Guayaquil Parque de las Iguanas Malecon 2000 Las Pe as

City Tour in Quito Muffin Cable Car Historic Center and Middle of the World

City Tour Quito

Cloud Forest and waterfalls private Day trip

Cloud Forest Day Trip with Chocolate Tasting from Quito

Cocoa and Cloud Forest private day tour

Concha Perla Daily Tour Isabela Island From Santa Cruz Islas Gal pagos

Condor Park El Angel Ecological Reserve Cuicocha Lake 2d1n Private Tour

Consultation of Traveler Medicine and Tropical Medicine

Cooking Class and visit to a local market

Cotopaxi and Ba os 3Day2Night All included tours accommodation

Cotopaxi and Ba os in 2 days

Cotopaxi and Quilotoa 2Day1Night All included with accommodation

Cotopaxi and Quilotoa Full Day Tour With Optional Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off

Cotopaxi and Quilotoa two days shared tour from Quito

Cotopaxi Ascent to the summit

Cotopaxi Bikes Private Tour

Cotopaxi biking SPA

Cotopaxi Chagra Andean cowboy for a day

Cotopaxi Full Day Tour All included Guided hike and National Park entrance

Cotopaxi full day tour from Quito with breakfast and lunch

Cotopaxi Hiking and Biking Volcano 1 Day

Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi National Park APU Mountain SPA

Cotopaxi National Park Daytour PRIVATE

Cotopaxi National Park Hiking and Biking Tour

Cotopaxi National Park Horseback Ride Private Excursion

Cotopaxi National Park Private Tour

Cotopaxi National Park Quilotoa Lagoon in 1 Day

Cotopaxi National Park Tour Hiking and Downhill Bike All Inclusive

Cotopaxi National Reserve Bike and Hike Day Trip

Cotopaxi National Reserve Hiking Day Trip

Cotopaxi Trek Glacial Back Horse Riding

Cotopaxi Volcano 1 Day

Cotopaxi Volcano and Limpiopungo Lake

Cotopaxi Volcano from Quito Everyday departures

Cotopaxi Volcano Private Day Trip

Cotopaxi Volcano Refuge Padre Rivas and Glazier Hike Full Day from Quito

Cuenca and Surroundings 2 days

Cuenca and surroundings from Guayaquil 2D 1N

Cuenca Arrival Transfer

Cuenca City Tour

Cuenca City Tour Half Day

Cuenca Departure Transfer

Cultural tour 3 days INCA EXPRESS Ingapirca Cuenca Cajas Nationalpark

Cultural tour haciendas and nature

Cultural Tour Laguna Quilotoa Hiking and Descent to the Lagoon all included

Cultural Tour of Otavalo Market and Cuicocha Lagoon visit all inclusive

Cuyabeno Aguas Negras Selva Primaria directo 23999 Usd 4 Dias 3 Noches

Cuyabeno Dolphin Eco lodge 4 Days

Cuyabeno Wild Reserve

Daily dive tour at Gordon Rocks

Daily diving tour in Gordon Rocks

Daily Santa Fe Tour Hidden Beach

Daily Tour Tintoreras Isla Isabela From Santa Cruz Islas Gal pagos

Day Tour from Cuenca to Giron Waterfall and Busa Lake

Day tour to Pinz n Island and La F Palmitas Bay with snorkeling and fishing

Day Tour Twins Farm El Chato Charles Darwin Station

Day Tour with snorkeling in Lava Tunnels in Isabela Galapagos Islands

Day trip Pinzon Island

Day Trip to Gualaceo and Chordeleg from Cuenca

Day Trip to Hacienda La Danesa with Horseback Riding and Lunch

Deep Tissue Massage

Descubriendo el Mundo de las Aves

Devil s Nose Train Ingapirca

Discovering Ecuador By Public Bus

Discover Quito City on 2 Wheels

Dive With Hammerhead Sharks

Diving Tours Seymour and Mosquera from Santa Cruz Islas Gal pagos

Eco Coffee and Cacao farm two hours from Quito with waterfalls birds

Ecuador and Galapagos Community Service 25 Days

Ecuador Birding Experience

Ecuador Classic 8 Days Tour

Ecuador Cloud Forest 5 Days Hiking Tour

Ecuador Community Service 18 Days

Ecuador Gateway 5 Days Tour

Ecuadorian Coffee and Cacao Tour from Quito

Ecuadorian Cooking Classes Rooftop English

Ecuadorian Cooking Class in Quito Local Market Tour and Exotic Fruit Tasting

Ecuadorian Cuisine at its best Menu 1

Ecuadorian cuisine at its best Menu 2

Ecuadorian cuisine at its best Vegetarian Menu

Ecuadorian Treasures Bucket List Tour

Ecuador Luxury Haciendas Tour

Ecuador Nature Travel 15d14n

Ecuador Nature Travel and Galapagos 18d17n

Ecuador Special 9D 8N

Eduardo Vega s Ceramics Exhibition in Quito

El Chato 2 Reserve Admission Ticket in Santa Cruz Island Galapagos

Electric Experience Tour Quito Colonial By Navel Expeditions

Elopement in the Cloud forest

English and Spanish speaking transportation services in andout Quito city or other

Equator Park Half Day Tour

E scooter for Rent

Espa ola Galapagos Day Trip from San Cristobal Island

Excursion A La Amazonia Selva Jungle Por Un Dia directo 2499 Por Persona

Excursion and bird watching in the millenary Arrayanes Forest

Excursion Por 2 Dias A La Selva Amazonia directo 6999 Usd Por Persona

Excursion to the National Park El Cajas

Experience Incredible Quilotoa Private Tour

Explore and Discover

Explore Tintoreras Islet from Isabela in Galapagos Islands Half Day Tour

Explore Urban Quito on a Bike 1 Person PRIVATE

Explore Urban Quito on a Bike Group Tour

Explore Urban Quito on a Bike Private Tours


Extreme Quito and City Tour Hop On Hop Off Including Snack

Facial Hydration

Ferries Interislas Santa Cruz Isabela 07 00 Am 14 00 Pm

Ferries Interislas Santa Cruz San Cristobal 07 00 Am 14 00 Pm

FERRY TICKET From Isabela To Santa Cruz AM

FERRY TICKET From Isabela To Santa Cruz PM

FERRY TICKET From Santa Cruz To Isabela AM

FERRY TICKET From Santa Cruz To Isabela PM

FERRY TICKET From Santa Cruz To San Cristobal PM

Fishing Tour and Local Life in Ba os

Follow Me Discovering Ecuador We love to show our country with Our Vivencial P

Four days of adventure and adrenaline

Free shuttle airport if buy 2 full days

Fridays Night with Friends

From Quito To Ba os

From the Andes to the Amazon 3D 2N Quilotoa Ba os Puyo Cotopaxi

Full Day Adventure and Nature Tour of the Mindo Cloud Forest from Quito Ecuador

Full Day Bartolome

Full Day Bartolome Island and Sullivan Bay

Full Day Baths

Full Day Birding Tour La Paz Refuge and Hummingbird Sanctuary from Quito

Full Day Cotopaxi and The Chuquiragua Trail

Full Day Floreana

Full Day Horseback Riding on exclusive trails on Rumi ahui Volcano

Full Day Ingapirca Gualaceo Chordeleg

Full Day in the cloud forest near Quito

Full Day Pinzon

Full Day Private Tour of Artisans North of Quito

Full Day Quilotoa Lake Hiking Tour from Quito

Full Day Quito City Tour

Full Day Quito City Tour Including Telef rico and Mitad del Mundo

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