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Bull Moose Heads into the Lake for Sustenance on a Beautiful Evening

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Bull Moose Heads into the Lake for Sustenance on a Beautiful Evening

When Moose wade into lakes or other bodies of water, they primarily feed on aquatic vegetation. Moose may eat the leaves, stems, and flowers of water lilies, which are common in many freshwater lakes and ponds. Moose Bulls and Cows will eat Pondweeds that are submerged aquatic plants of which are partially submerged in lakes. Water Horsetail, also known as scouring rush plant grows in shallow water and is a part of a moose's diet. Various submerged grasses that grow in lakes can be consumed by moose when they forage in the water and other aquatic vegetation depends on the specific location and ecosystem. While Moose are not underwater grazers like some marine animals, they do often venture into the water to access the plants growing near the shore or partially submerge themselves to reach submerged vegetation. This feeding behavior allows Moose to meet their nutritional needs and put on weight before and during the Moose Rut and then Winter.

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