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Cruise to Hotel in Singapore

Cruise to Hotel in Singapore
Cruise to Hotel in Singapore

Our Limo-Bus, "Ally" is a 13 seater mini bus that can comfortably seat up to 9 travelers with full load luggage. It has a spacious inner space with an interior height of 1.5m allowing a greater ease of boarding and alighting the bus.

In addition, "Ally" has been retrofitted with comfy VIP seats and on-board movie entertainment with surround sound system that is set in a cosy ambiance. Upon boarding "Ally', it will be a great enhancement to your holiday experience.

During your booking, we will need;
1) The number of your travel party.
2) The flight details: Flight Number and Time of departure
3) The exact time you want us to pick you up.
- Do include at least 30 minutes for custom clearance.
e.g: If the pick up time is at 9.00 am, please disembark the cruise at 8.30 am or earlier
- A grace period of 15 to 30 minutes of waiting time will be given from the indicated pick up time
- In the event you are held up at the custom, please call us so that we can make arrangement to wait for you.
- Nonetheless, if you manage to clear the custom before the indicated pick up time, please call us too.

After your booking;
1) Your booking is confirmed and you will hear from us before your arrival.

On the day of your arrival;
1) Our driver will meet and greet you at the location indicated in the email.
2) He will be holding on to a signage with the lead traveler's name on it.
3) Upon receiving you and your travel mates, he will lead you to our vehicle.
4) Enjoy your ride to the hotel. :)

Duration:30 to 45 minutes
Commences in:Singapore, Singapore

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