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Food by Foot Skopje City Tour

Food by Foot Skopje City Tour
Food by Foot Skopje City Tour

Knowing that besides the best and most important things to see, people always want to experience the authentic food of the place, want to know about the eating habits of the citizens, we have created our latest product – FOOD BY FOOT SKOPJE TOUR, that is a blend of both, a pleasant and interesting walk through the story of Old and New Skopje while stopping to taste some great local food of Skopje’s food scene, 3-4 hours of fun with tasty bites of the town!

Join us as we make a whirlwind tour of Skopje’s food, drink and history scene.

It is more than just a food tour, it is a chance to get to know the people, the lifestyle, the history, the ups and downs of the city, a chance to learn about the food you are eating, the drink in your hand and the city around you!

Macedonia Square (Macedonian: Плоштад Македонија, Ploštad Makedonija) is the main square[1] of Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. The square is the biggest in Macedonia with total 18.500 m2.

Commences in:4 hours
Country:North Macedonia

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