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Legend Heroes Park Ticket in Macau

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Legend Heroes Park Ticket in Macau
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Legend Heroes Park Ticket in Macau

With this ticket, you'll get an entry with 2,500 game points, which can easily makes up 60 minutes of technology entertainment experiences, from VR, projection mapping, to 4D theatre and more!


Legend Heroes Park is a highly-touted attraction in Macau where you can immerse yourself in virtual realities. Book through TripAdvisor and purchase tickets to enter this unique park and get to experience the surreal wonders conjured by cutting-edge technology! Through augmented reality, motion tracking, projection mapping, 4D+, and more, the park is able to mesh the virtual and physical planes together. You’ll be able to dive into beautiful video game worlds, participate in races and other kinds of sports while feeling the adoration of spectators, and watch K-Pop artists like G-Dragon, AOA, and PSY deliver jaw-dropping dance and vocal performances through holograms. If you’re going on a trip to Macau, make it a point to visit this incredible attraction and see how far technology has come through its diverse multimedia entertainment systems!

Stop At:

• Legend Heroes Park, Studio City , Estrada do Istmo Level 1, Times Square, Macau China

Duration:1 hour
Commences in:Macao, Macao

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