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  • Snowshoeing in Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro

Snowshoeing in Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro

Snowshoeing in Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro
Snowshoeing in Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro

Our Snowshoeing Tour in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro is the ideal winter break for those who would like to experience the untouched landscapes of the Western Balkans during the winter time. You will be snowshoeing along scenic routes of these three countries. Along the way, you’ll taste the delicious culinary delights of Balkan Cuisine.. 

• Breathtaking views of Valbona Valley and Haile Mountain
• Little-known snowshoe routes
• Breathtaking views of Valbona Valley and Haile Mountain
• Visit the Monastery of Decan in Kosovo (UNESCO)

Day 1. Pristina Airport - Gjakova, Kosovo

Today the group will be transferred from Prishtina Airport to Gjakova. The distance from the Airport to Gjakova is about 70 Km. In Kosovo the average speed limit is around 50 km/ hour so the transfer will take around 1.5 hour .Overnight: Gjakova-Kosovo

 Day 2. Gjakova - Valbona, Albania 

Today we travel to Valbona for a full day of Snowshoeing. The transfer from Gjakova to Valbona takes around 1.5 hours (including the time in the border). Expect to begin snowshoeing around 10:30. We end the walk in Hotel Margjeka where we will be accommodated for the night..Elevation: 950 m up to 1300 or 1600 depending on snow conditions . Distance: 13 Km Max .Overnight: Valbona-Albania

 Day 3. Valbona - Tropoja Village, Albania  Today we snowshoe toward Gropa e Rragamit (Rragam Valley). It will take us up to 7 hours to complete the walk. In the end of our walk we will be transferred to the village of Tropoje for our overnight.

Transferring time: 1 hour.Elevation: From 1150m – 1620 m .Distance: 13 Km . Overnight: Tropoja village-Albania

 Day 4. Tropoja - Koshare - Decan - Peja, Kosovo Today we will drive up to the village of Buçaj for about 20 min. From there we start walking toward the village of Padesh.. Depending on snow conditions it could be from 3-4 hours walking. We will drive for 30 min to visit Visoki Decani a 14 century church with frescoes very well preserved since that time. After the visit we will be transferred for our overnight in Peja. .Elevation: From 750 M to 1300 m  Distance: 6 km  Overnight: Peja - Kosovo

 Day 5. Peja - Boga, Kosovo  After breakfast we will be transferred from Hotel Dukagjini to Boga village. Transferring time: 1 hour. In Boga we can snowshoe from 10:30 AM  - 4 PM. We will stay in Boga village for overnight at our hotel. Overnight: Boga - Kosovo

 Day 6. Boge - Reka e Allages - Grope Mountain hut, Montenegro After breakfast we will be transferred to our starting point of Snowshoeing called Reka e Allages. For 1 night we will sleep in a Mountain Hut .Overnight: Mountain Hut

 Day 7.Grope Mountain Hut - Rozaje - Peje Today we snowshoe down from the Mountain Hut to Rozaje. We might be in Rozaje around 2 PM for lunch so the group might expect a late lunch. In Rozaje we can take a city walk and visit the local museum. After our visits we will be transferred back to Kosovo in Peja  Overnight: Peja - Kosovo

 Day 8. Peja - Airport  This will be a free day to be enjoyed at group leisure until the time of departure to the Airport.

Duration:8 days
Commences in:Pristina, Kosovo

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