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Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus
Shuttle Bus

Duration:This is a very personalised shuttle bus from Maputo - Mozambique, you will be picked up from your place of stay our travelling is in style since we are on a sight seeing as well you are order the bus to stop any time you want and the fact that the numbers are small it makes it easier since we know each other well.

Picking up is from your hotel.whether you are in Swaziland travelling to Mozambique or you are travelling to Swaziland from Mozambique, a central place of meeting is arranged prior We visit the local markets, except if you have already seen the attractions but we will see all the new attractions when we cross borders 
Spending time in the famous Manzini Market here we have max an hour
• Visiting the Manzini Markert
• Have Lunch/breakfast in the market
• Have lunch in Hlane National Park
• Go for a Safari drive in open land Rovers 
• Have Lunch in the park after the Safari- this will be after 2.5 hrs
• Drive straight to Maputo through Lomahasha border crossing, but if we are coming from Maputo we will be doing all the activities in reverse

Commences in:Mbabane, Eswatini

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