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  • Full-Day Tour to a Rural Village from Manzini

Full-Day Tour to a Rural Village from Manzini

Full-Day Tour to a Rural Village from Manzini
Full-Day Tour to a Rural Village from Manzini

Duration:Enjoy a day in the life of a Swaziland local on this full-day tour to a rural village, from Manzini. Savor a traditional Swazi breakfast and lunch. Get to know the local communities through conversation and by joining in their daily activities. Visit a local classroom (school days only). Explore the mountainside on a guided hike alongside other villagers.

Begin your day with an early morning hotel pick-up. Have breakfast at your hotel, or enjoy a traditional breakfast in Manzini market. Either way, be sure to save room for the Swazi dish, Incwancwa. While relaxing at the market, learn some of the local language, siSwati, similar to Zulu. Try out your new skills while navigating the market.

After breakfast, take an hour to go shopping. The market offers plenty of inexpensive items that won’t weigh down your travels. Tourists come for the souvenirs, while locals flock here for bulk items, which they can sell in South Africa. You will find it especially lively on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Head out of town toward kaPhunga village, a one-hour drive from Manzini along a gravel road. Bring an inquisitive, open mind, and take a seat in a Granny’s hut to chat about Swazi culture and tradition. Enjoy a lunch of Swazi beans, mealies pap, and barbecue, or let us know ahead of time if you’d like a vegetarian alternative.

If there is time after lunch, you can visit the nearby local school. Try out your language skills with one of the neighboring local families. We encourage all guests to ask questions through your guide. Bear in mind that most local adults speak little or no English, but are happy to try communicating with you. Children tend to speak more English. After your conversation, head out on a gentle guided hike through the hills, where you can meet other villagers and see the village from a new vantage point.

Commences in:Mbabane, Eswatini

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