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San Salvador Xpress Half Day

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San Salvador Xpress Half Day
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San Salvador Xpress Half Day

This is the best way to know the beauty of San Salvador and understand its culture in a short time.  Discover the essence of the capital of El Salvador, closely observe the life of Salvadorans. History, culture, architecture, monuments, Historical Center.

We will begin with entering the area of greater purchasing power of the capital, visiting the best residential and knowing the most luxurious shopping centers. We will visit El Salvador del Mundo square, where one of the most identifiable sculptures of El Salvador stands at an international level. We will know the history of the smallest country in Central America from a local perspective. We will travel in time through the different architectural influences, which are strongly marked as we approach the heart of the city.

We will visit the historic Cuscatlán park, which keeps among its walls part of the memory of a town hit by the civil war. Then we will travel to the historical center of San Salvador, where we will delight in the architectural richness of the National Palace, the National Theater and the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral, which contains the crypt that preserves the remains of “Monseñor Romero” ( iconic character of the recent history of El Salvador). We will walk through the Plaza Barrios, where you can have contact with the day to day life of the Salvadoran people. We will continue walking until we reach the emblematic Plaza Libertad, where history emerges through its surroundings.

We will have access to the famous El Rosario Church, a true architectural gem of unique beauty in the continent. Finish with a visit to the picturesque local craft market. This tour, more than a trip, is a way of living Salvadoran culture. We are sure it will be a memorable experience for you.

Duration:3 to 4 hours
Commences in:San Salvador, El Salvador
Country:El Salvador
City:San Salvador

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