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  • Gaborone City Tour (Day tours)

Gaborone City Tour (Day tours)

Gaborone City Tour (Day tours)
Gaborone City Tour (Day tours)

Our guided day tour of Gaborone takes you through the great history of our capital. Experience the city of Gaborone through the eyes of a local.

Your guide will on take you on a visit of the well known Three Dikgosi Monument, an entertaining opening to the history of Botswana, followed by a visit of the Main mall and Parliament. you will be taken to The Village – the beginnings of Gaborone. (Established in 1890 and for some time serving as an administrative centre for the southern part of Bechuanaland Protectorate. Situated in the former magistrate’s house (1902), the Thapong Visual Arts Centre is home to Botswana’s young, gifted – and sometimes avant-garde – artists. As well as the Old Naledi – the township which keeps the city going.

Choose to take the morning or afternoon tour

0900-1200 hrs

1330-1630 hrs

Pick up from your lodging facility

Duration:3 to 8 hours
Commences in:CKGR, Botswana

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