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Tours and Attractions in Mariana Islands

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Tours in Mariana Islands

Banana boat

Banana Boat Jet Ski Pack

Beautiful coastal view and cave swimming

COMBO Managaha Island Tour and Marine Activity

Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching banana boat pack

Dolphin watching jet ski pack

Dolphin watching parasailing jet ski banana boat pack

Dolphin watching parasailing pack

Experience diving jet ski pack

Fly board

Guam History Tour

Instagram spots

introductory flight E1 13 min

introductory flight E2 20 min

introductory flight E3 27 min

introductory flight E4 55 min

Island pack

Island Pack Deluxe including maritime water park and SUP

Jerry Sunset Cruise Saipan

jet ski

Jet Ski Parasailing Pack

Kayaking snorkeling tour

Kids boat

Let s go looking for an anemone fish house

Let s go shopping


Parasailing banana boat pack

Parasailing Jet Ski Banana Boat Pack

Saipan ATV Off Road Jungle Tour

Saipan Grotto Cave Snorkeling

Saipan Luxury Yacht and Snorkeling Experience


Segway 30 minutes course boarding course included

Segway including 60 minute course boarding course

Sightseeing day flight D1 13 min

Sightseeing day flight D1 13 min

Sightseeing day flight D2 19 min

Sightseeing day flight D3 25 min

Sightseeing day flight D4 37 min

Sightseeing day flight D5 61 min

Sightseeing night flight N1 13 min

Sunset Cruise Experience in Saipan

Tour in Saipan Managaha Island

Tour in Saipan Managaha Island and Water Sport Experience

Wake Board

Wakeboard Jet Ski Pack

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