Wide Range of IT, Technology and Digital Services - World Network Holdings Ltd.

Web Development
From clean, classic business development to complex arrays of fascinating website designs, we have local and national presence to meet your needs on any budget.
IT Management
World Network Holdings Ltd. develops and manages firm and organizational IT infrastructure, in-house and/or co-located technology with workstation/software support.
Professional Photography
We provide photography, photo editing and meet pre-press needs. Saskatoon Digital Photography's efficiencies meet professional requirements on time and in your budget.
Business Growth
From high speed cloud services, business directory listings, to managing millions of online products, World Network Holdings Ltd. has something that produces for every budget.
Return On Investment
Maximize the value of your dot com and/or business. Benefit from our reach and strength. Increase Sales of your products or "niche", from small business to large enterprise ecommerce.

Refurbished and Accessible IT Equipment

Today's rapid technological innovations often leave several markets and economies with restricted access to technology.

World Network Holdings Ltd. can help bridge this digital divide by working with our partners to supply underprivileged economies with a much needed access to technology, in the way of refurbished and accessible IT equipment.

Our partners are also able to directly fund specific projects that are aimed at serving these markets, such as providing data center equipment to schools, or providing computer and lab equipment to colleges and universities.

Worlds Network Holdings Ltd. provides a wide range of fully managed IT services so you can stay focused on your Business Growth