Rebooting for the New Talent Economy Rebooting for the New Talent Economy

""Proprietary higher education industry leader Andy Rosen discusses how ""edupreneurs"" are uniquely positioned to educate the nontraditional students shut out of the traditional college experience and are, in the process, preparing America's future workforce, tightening the talent gap, and ensuring our competitive edge in the global marketplace. Misunderstanding and suspicion of a new sector in higher education is not new. Whenever there has been a true, breakthrough change in American higher education--from the advent of land grant colleges to the introduction of community colleges--here have been detractors lined up against these pioneers. In, Andy Rosen takes on the critics of the for-profit education sector and takes a critical look at the state of higher education in the United States--today's broad-ranging and tough-to-solve issues; the crisis and questions regarding funding; and who's really paying for what is at times a subpar learning experience. Rosen, a product of traditional higher education and the CEO of one of the most successful proprietary education companies in the U.S., challenges the status quo and helps re-frame the conversation we (the consumers and taxpayers) should be having about education in this country today. Not unlike recent indictments on quality and safety issues in the food industry, these problems in higher education impact all of us--direct consumers like students, as well as every taxpayer who indirectly funds non-profit higher education, and even the very businesses hiring undertrained college grads. Ultimately, Rosen shows how his institution--which uses business metrics and tracks alumni performance to measure success--is unquestionably part of the solution to the challenges facing higher education--and the latest chapter in disruptive innovation in American education"" -- Provided by publisher.

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