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  • 5-Day Small-Group Highlights of Lviv Tour

5-Day Small-Group Highlights of Lviv Tour

5-Day Small-Group Highlights of Lviv Tour
5-Day Small-Group Highlights of Lviv Tour

Have an unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Europe! Join an amazing 5-day small-group Lviv tour and discover the best city's attractions. An expert local guide will show you all the most famous and important sights of the city, including the Market Square, the Opera and Ballet Theatre and the High Hill Castle. Your journey to Lviv will be a vacation to remember!


Day 1: Transfer from Lviv Airport to a central located hotel

Pass By: Green Tour Ukraine, Lviv Ukraine
Day 1

Your 5-day Lviv adventure will start from the transfer from the airport, bus or railway station. You will be taken to your hotel where check-in time is 14.00. During this day, you will have leisure time. We advise you to start your own exploration of the city by visiting the center of the city and the local restaurants. Moreover, you may prefer to enjoy the fabulous performance at the Lviv Opera House.

Overnight: Your selected 3-, 4- or 5-star hotel in Lviv

Day 2

After breakfast at your hotel, your guide will meet you at the reception and invite you to explore the center of Lviv on a fascinating 2.5-hour walking tour of Lviv Old Town. The best way to get acquainted with Lviv unique atmosphere is to admire UNESCO-listed Lviv Old Town with its ancient buildings which have a unique history. The Market Square is an ancient center of commercial life of the city and it is a must-see place for each visitor. You will also visit the Lviv City Hall and the Pharmacy Museum, the Chapel of the Boim Family and Armenian Virgin Mary´s Dormition Churc. After the tour you will have a free time in the city center.

Overnight: Your selected 3-, 4- or 5-star hotel in Lviv

Day 3

After breakfast you will be picked-up from the hotel on a 2.5-hour Panoramic City Tour. Your adventure continues by visiting more architectural masterpieces – Lviv Opera House and St.Yura Cathedral. The Lviv Polytechnic University will also be visited by you today. It is on the first technical higher institutions in Europe and also is famous for one the biggest technical libraries in Europe. After that your guide will show you the panorama of the city from the High Castle Hill and you will be amazed by the bird´s-eye view of Lviv. The Lychakiv Cemetery is also a famous place of the city and you may find out a lot of facts about history just by walking through it. The tour of this day ends in the center of Lviv.

Overnight: Your selected 3-, 4- or 5-star hotel in Lviv

Day 4

Right after you enjoy your breakfast a 2.5 hour Lviv Chocolate Walking Tour will start. Today you will walk through the center of Lviv and hear many curious facts about the coffee and chocolate traditions in Lviv. You will visit a café with an amusing underground coffee mining. In one of the coffee shops, you will taste a cup of Lviv famous coffee or chocolate. You will also visit Lviv Chocolate factory where you may buy tasty presents for your friends and family. The tour will finish in the center of the city.

Overnight: Your selected 3-, 4- or 5-star hotel in Lviv

Day 5

Enjoy your breakfast at your hotel. Check-out time 12.00. When you are ready, a professional driver will transfer you to the airport, bus or railway station.

No meals included on this day.
Accommodation included: 3 - 5 star hotel

Day 2: Lviv Old Town Walking Tour

Stop At: Old Town, Lviv Ukraine
UNESCO-listed Lviv Old Town is an architectural pearl, where every building has its story. Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere of ancient city, walking through the cozy cobblestone streets.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Rynok Square, Lviv 79039 Ukraine
The highlight of Lviv Old Town is a famous Rynok Square. Four corners of the square are decorated with fountains with mythological figures of gods. It’s a must-visit place in Lviv.
Duration: 20 minutes

Pass By: Lviv City Hall, Rynok pl. 1, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
An operating Lviv City Council and City Administration are located in this building, in the very heart of Market Square. A beautiful view of the city is opened from the top of the tower.

Stop At: Armenian Virgin Mary's Dormition Church, Virmenska vul. 7, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Discover one of the most ancient churches of Lviv, built in 14th century and included on UNESCO list.
Duration: 15 minutes

Pass By: Chapel of the Boim Family, Katedralna pl. 1, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Take a look at so-called “black pearl” of Lviv Old Town – Chapel of Boim Family, built as a family vault in early 17th century. The walls of the chapel are decorated with scenes from the Bible

Pass By: Pharmacy Museum, Drukarska vul. 2, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Visit one of the oldest operating pharmacies in Europe, located on the Market Square. Its foundation dates back to 1735, and it is also known by the name “Pharmacy under the black eagle”.

Stop At: Armenian street, Virmenska Street, Lviv Ukraine
Stroll down one of the most ancient street of Lviv and discover its rich history. Discover such interesting sights as the building, known as “the house of the seasons” and the monument to kerosene lamp inventor.
Duration: 10 minutes

Pass By: Dominican Cathedral, Muzeina Square, 1, Lviv 79000 Ukraine
Contemplate one of the iconic monuments of Lviv – an impressive Dominican Cathedral, built in 18th century in baroque style. It has always played an important role in the history of Lviv and your guide will tell you the most interesting facts.

Stop At: Church of St. Andrew, Soborna pl. 3 A, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Explore an important religious site of Lviv, Church of St. Andrew – a former Bernardine Church. Today it is an active Greek Catholic Church, whose architectural ensemble includes a bell tower and rotunda over the well.
Duration: 15 minutes

Stop At: Monument to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Serbska vul. 7, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Take a picture next to the monument to a legendary figure – Leopold Sacher Masoch, located next to a popular restaurant under the same name. Be sure to put your hand into sculpture’s pocket for an unexpected detail.
Duration: 5 minutes

Stop At: Church of the Jesuits, Teatralna vul. 11 11 Teatralna Street, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Take a look at an important religious monument of 17th century, built in baroque style and uncover its history.
Duration: 10 minutes

Stop At: Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Katedralna pl. 1, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Discover an outstanding Latin Cathedral – a monument of architecture of 14th-15th century. It is a Roman Catholic Cathedral, visited by Pope John Paul II in 2001.
Duration: 10 minutes

Stop At: Staroyevryeiska Street, Staroyevryeiskaya Street, Lviv 79039 Ukraine
Walk through one of the longest cobblestone streets of Lviv and discover its history. It used to be a part of Jewish quarter and you will see the ruins of “the Golden Rose” synagogue there.
Duration: 10 minutes

Pass By: Bandinelli Palace, Rynok pl. 2, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Take a look at the elegant building of Bandinelli Palace, located on the Rynok Square. The first postal office was opened here in the beginning of 17th century.

Stop At: Monument To King Danylo, Halytska Square, Lviv 79000 Ukraine
See a modern monument to Grand Duke of Galicia-Volyn Danylo, opened in 2001 and learn important facts from the history of Ukraine from your expert guide.
Duration: 5 minutes

Pass By: Lubomirski Palace, Rynok pl. 10, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Discover the history of Lubomirski Palace – baroque-style building, located on the Rynok Square.

Meals included:
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: 3 - 5 star hotel

Day 3: Lviv City Tour

Pass By: Lviv National Opera, 28 Svobody Avenue, Lviv 79008 Ukraine
Admire a splendid building of Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater, built in late 19th century.You guide will tell you interesting facts about famous artist, who performed on the stage of the theater.

Stop At: Lychakiv Cemetery, Pekarska Street, 95, Lviv 79000 Ukraine
One of the oldest cemeteries in Ukraine is nowadays a historical reserve, where you can learn the history and discover some richly decorated tombstones.
Duration: 50 minutes

Stop At: Lviv High Castle, Castle Hill, Lviv Ukraine
High Castle Hill is a famous park that rises above the city. Once you climb to the top of the hill, you can contemplate bird’s-eye view panorama of Lviv.
Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Svyatogo Yura Cathedral, Svyatogo Yura Sq., 5, Lviv 79000 Ukraine
It is the main Greek Catholic Cathedral of Lviv and a wonderful example of Baroque architecture of 18th century.
Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Prospekt Svobody, Lviv Ukraine
Walk through an elegant central street of Lviv and discover interesting stories about the life of the city from your local guide.
Duration: 10 minutes

Pass By: Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Mitskevycha Square, Lviv Ukraine
One of the highlights of central part of Lviv is a monument to a prominent Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz

Pass By: Blessed Virgin Fountain, Crossroad of Kopernika Street and Svobody Ave, Lviv Ukraine
Admire the beauty of the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary, located in the beginning of Svobody Avenue.

Meals included:
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: 3 - 5 star hotel

Day 4: Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Walking Tour

Stop At: Lʹvivsʹka Kopalʹnya Kavy, Palats Latynsʹkykh Arkhiyepyskopiv, Rynok Square, 9, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000
The famous place “Kopalnia Kavy” will give you impressive emotions thanks to its fantastic coffee and chocolate aromas and creative decorations. You can also visit a mystery cellar of this place and have fun at the vanity of residents, who believe that here, at the basement of this coffee house, people mine green coffee beans, deliver them upstairs, roast and mill them to make that astonishing Lviv’s drink.
Duration: 30 minutes

Meals included:
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: 3 - 5 star hotel

Day 5: Transfer to Lviv Airport

Pass By: Green Tour Ukraine LLC, Chornohirska St, 17/14, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Local Tour Operator

Meals included:
• Breakfast
No accommodation included on this day.

Duration:5 days
Commences in:Lviv, Ukraine

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