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  • Lunch in organic Orchard

Lunch in organic Orchard

Lunch in organic Orchard
Lunch in organic Orchard

Me and my partner Branko, are zealous farmers who want the orchard to be a place for nature oriented travel. When we meet, you'll be a part of the process of cooking, including pick up the groceries we plant.
We will show you how to prepare traditional Slovak meals or how to use local groceries. Our place boasts absolute privacy and relaxation in the heart of White Carpatians under the mountain Veľká Javorina. It is furnished "cottage-style" with a patina of homemade wooden spoon production.
The charming landscape of hamlets is situated at the frontier between Slovakia and Morava. It is picturesque and replenished with fine view. The tallest mountain Veľká Javorina protects original woods. Welcome to Sad u Harušťákov, where we meet people from all over the world.
We are ready to welcome vegetarians, please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions.

You’ll jump right into the action of our daily routine in the orchard. After a small introduction, we will make a tour around the orchard, to see what kind of various old fruit trees we plant and how we do care about them. We will explain you the permaculture methods we use on the property. We grow organic vegetables. Let's get dirty as we harvest radishes and onions and various vegetables of the season, then head home or to our grill to cook organic food. Once all is baked we'll eat in a relaxed atmosphere as we chat about the benefits of growing own food.

Sample Menu

• Bryndza spread - Bryndza is made by sheep's milk. Its origins can be traced back to Romanian Wallachians, who settled in the Carpathian Mountains about 500 years ago.
• Grilled vegetables - In summer we always like to grill vegetables.
• Lattice cake - Traditional local cake

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes
Commences in:Lubina, Slovakia
City:Trenčiansky kraj

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