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  • UVAC Canyon, Wood City, Sargan 8 Railway, 2 day Travel From Belgrade

UVAC Canyon, Wood City, Sargan 8 Railway, 2 day Travel From Belgrade

UVAC Canyon, Wood City, Sargan 8 Railway, 2 day Travel From Belgrade
UVAC Canyon, Wood City, Sargan 8 Railway, 2 day Travel From Belgrade

Go deep into the southern hinterland and feel the uvac canyon
2. Wood City, Sargan 8 railway
3. When two people form a group, they can start
4. Belgrade Hotel Transfer


Day 1:  UVAC Canyon

Stop At: Special Nature Reserve Uvac, Uvac River, Nova Varos 31320 Serbia
The UVAC Gorge is located in the southern hinterland of Serbia and is deeply hidden in the mountains of Serbia. The canyon has a lingering roundabout and Jiuzhaigou-like color. Several 360-degree turns allow visitors who have seen the canyon to marvel at the wonders of nature. Here, we can stand in the foothills of the lush vegetation, take a close photo with the canyon behind us, or sit quietly, watch the wonders of nature, and wash away the exhaustion of body and mind.
Duration: 5 hours

No meals included on this day.
Accommodation included: Check in at the Cacak Hotel for one night

Day 2:  Wood City - Sargan 8 Railway - Drina River House

Stop At: Drvengrad, Мокра Гора, Serbia
The City of Wood is a famous attraction in Serbia and was built by the Serbian director for the film "Life is a Miracle". For the needs of photography, it was built into a city made entirely of wood and stone. Surrounded by mountains and surrounded by wooden houses, granaries and livestock sheds, it looks very quiet. It seems to be a “Utopia” that is far away from the city and the war and the war.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Sarganska, ˆarganska, Sremčica, Serbia
The Salgan 8 railway was once an extremely dangerous section of the Belgrade-Sarajevo narrow-gauge railway. Nowadays it is mainly used for excursions. It is 15.5 kilometers in length. Because one of the tracks has been hit two circles in a row, from the height, it is just an "8", so it is called Sargan 8. The entire running line has to cross 10 bridges and 22 tunnels. The film "Life is a miracle" is the train station of the famous film station in the former Yugoslavia. By taking a small train, you can enjoy the fresh and serene mountain scenery while enjoying the fresh air, and enjoy the full peace and quiet.
Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Drina River House, River Drina, Bajina Basta Serbia
Drina River House is a Serbian postcard-style landscape that caught the attention of the world in the August 2012 issue of National Geographic magazine. There is a very interesting story behind Drina River House. In 1968, two teenagers living in the town of Bayina Basta built a log cabin on the reef in the river to enrich their childhood, as a base for their friends. Unfortunately, this small river produces large amounts of water every March, and there will be a massive flood every 5-10 years. The first generation of cottages did not persist for a long time and was destroyed by a flood. However, the hearts of these two teenagers were as tough as Serbian, did not yield to nature, and rebuilt the cottage again and again.
Duration: 1 hour

No meals included on this day.
No accommodation included on this day.

Duration:2 days
Commences in:Belgrade, Serbia

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