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  • Private Mauritius South Day Tour

Private Mauritius South Day Tour

Private Mauritius South Day Tour
Private Mauritius South Day Tour

Main Places to visit: Benitier view, Chamarel 7 colour sand, Alexandra falls, Grand bassin sacred lake and Trou aux cerfs volcano.

Places visited:
(a) Le port (ships model)
(b)Trou aux cerfs
(c)Grand bassin
(d)Alexandra falls
(e)Black river gorge
(f)Chamarel 7 colour earth and waterfalls (entry fees apply)
(g)View of benitier

Benitier Island View point.
Benitier Island is one of best kept secrets of the south coast . With the pace characteristic of a font , elongated shell, this little piece of earth hemmed splendid beaches that sink in translucent waters.

Chamarel 7 colour Earth.
Next to the National Park between Black River and the tip of Le Morne, Chamarel is one of the main natural attractions of Mauritius . Located in a private domain (entry fees apply) , the land of 7 colors of Chamarel is a clearing which has 7 variations of colors, ranging from ocher, brown, red and purple

Alexandra Falls Viewpoint
Alexandra Falls Viewpoint is on the road through the Gorges National Park Black River. By their finesse and lush environment, these falls are an undeniable attraction of Mauritius.

Trou Aux Cerfs
A Curepipe, Avenue George V , any winding leads to the crater of an ancient volcano, Trou Aux Cerfs is located 605 m above sea level. The crater is filled by a small lake and features lush vegetation consisting of tall pines and other species of tropical plants.

Grand Bassin – Sacred Place
Access to Great Basin may seem disproportionate in this wooded and sparsely populated center of Mauritius. You should know that Grand Bassin is a sacred place , like the Ganges in India.

Commences in:Floreal, Mauritius

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