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Airport Pick-up

Airport Pick-up
Airport Pick-up

Cheez Hospitality has picked up over 600 satisfied guests in the past two years.

Our guests appreciate the assurance and the way our drivers and support team coordinate with them from the moment they leave their airport to the moment they arrive to Beirut. At the exit the driver that they have been already familiarized with awaits with a banner holding their name. Once our driver spots you, he will give you a warm welcome, help you with your luggage, and leads you to the car. During the trip, our driver will make sure to get you set up by providing you any information you need. Our drivers do not leave until you reach your destination, gets connected with us on Whatsapp, and text us you are safe home!

- Confirm at least 3 hours before arrival.
- Provide us i. Full Name ii. Number of passengers iii. Arrival Date iv. Estimated Arrival Time v. Flight Number
- A group on “Whatsapp” will be created including you, our driver and our support team
- Text us prior to departure and upon arrival (free Wifi in Beirut airport)
- Our driver will be waiting for you in the airport, holding a banner with your name and Cheez Hospitality logo on it
- The driver will help you carry your luggage and lead you to your car
- Ask your driver for the FREE WiFi password to stay connected with your beloved until you check-in
- The driver will make sure you have arrived at your accommodation and checked in safely

Duration:30 to 60 minutes
Commences in:Beirut, Lebanon

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