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  • Riga Shooting 2 guns

Riga Shooting 2 guns

Riga Shooting 2 guns
Riga Shooting 2 guns

Put your shooting skills to the test with a handy but powerful Glock 17 and Winchester Pump-Action Shotgun! Have the most enjoyable shooting experience in an old soviet bunker with our friends and show them who has the best trigger finger.


Shooting real guns offers great excitement not to mention the amount of adrenaline rush you are about to experience. On your stag weekend, there is no harm enjoying a bit of adrenaline rush before you scour the rest of Riga at night. A piece of gun shooting action will definitely add a bit of excitement to your stag weekend where you can lay your hands on some serious guns. As a man, there is something enigmatically rewarding about experiencing the real power of authentic shooters and live ammunition!

Duration:2 hours
Commences in:Riga, Latvia

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