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  • Riga Indoor Paintball

Riga Indoor Paintball

Riga Indoor Paintball
Riga Indoor Paintball

As soon as you are kitted up – and all the protective gear will be provided – you will get advice and instruction. This will include how to play but also things that you must not do – even warfare can have rules!! The game will last 90 minutes and you can put all your battling skills to good use. The event is available to book all year around and you must have 8 people to make the game interesting. Later in the day you can compare bruises and boast if you have less than anyone else.


If you enjoy paintballing indoors, you are bound to want to try this activity. With so much space to hide, and also the need to be extra vigilant when running around the course, you will have the game of your life. From the minute you are picked up from the hotel, throughout the game and then the relaxing beer afterwards, you will enjoy every minute, and it will be far too soon that the guide is getting ready to take you back. Obviously the beer is going to be after the game as drinking beforehand may not be the best thing to do – paint guns and alcohol must not be mixed.

Duration:2 hours
Commences in:Riga, Latvia

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