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Riga Drift Taxi

Riga Drift Taxi
Riga Drift Taxi

A guide will pick you up and take you to the pro track. If the driver does their job properly, it will be best that there is a guide to return you to the hotel as the excitement may have turned your legs to jelly. To get the most out of the hour long event you will need 8 people involved. For obvious reasons refreshments are not included.


If you are into thrills, this is the one event you should make sure you book when you are holidaying in Riga. The 2 ten minute sessions that you spend careering round the track can be described as the thrill of a life time. If you have never travelled in a drift car before it can really blow your mind when you experience it. The powerful stock car is driven by a fully trained professional and all the safety equipment you need is provided.

If this activity does not give you the thrill of a lifetime the first time you go around, then there is surely something missing and the second one will make up for it. There will be plenty of time to discuss what happened to you during your lap while others are taking their turn.

Duration:2 hours
Commences in:Riga, Latvia

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