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Riga Drift Karting

Riga Drift Karting
Riga Drift Karting

Drifting has been around for years but ultimately became most popular through the “Fast and the Furious” franchise. This is the ultimate karting experience. This is not your regular go-kart experience. These are handcrafted, powerful karts that have been purposely built to drift on our track. We offer an adrenaline pumping experience all about getting sideways and getting sideways with speed. Talk about a rush when you take high-powered karts and slide them around corners at high speeds to see who can win the race in this fast paced game. You need to experience the blast of drifting in a safe and controlled environment. Come breathe the smoke and smell the stench of burning rubber as your take off and roast your tires leaving your friends in the dust. You will not regret drifting with us.


Drifting is one of the fastest growing motorsports in the world and it no question why, it’s so much fun! We offer the activity year round and we will cover your transportation, your guide, introduction and instructor. It’s a great activity for parties of 8 or more and will last for an hour and a half.

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes
Commences in:Riga, Latvia

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