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Pan Car Rally

Pan Car Rally
Pan Car Rally

Interested to challenge your friends, colleagues or family members, to explore Riga and complete our Quest? We will prepare the route, video & photo tasks, so you could see the most beautiful part of Riga, learn some Latvian language, complete pan car driving test, and find the right places using our hints, winning against your mates!

Up to 3 people can be in the same car, great team building opportunity!

ThatÂ’s the most creative and unique way to sightseeing Riga, to have fun with your mates and start your journey.

Please Note: Drivers should hold the drivers license and no alcohol can be used by drivers before or during the activity.

We will catch up in the Old Town and will go from there

Duration:3 to 4 hours
Commences in:Riga, Latvia

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