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Drift Tricycles

Drift Tricycles
Drift Tricycles

Drift Trike is the most fun you can have on three wheels! With itÂ’s blow molded fat tread rear wheels you will be sliding, drifting and even doing sick 360s with ease! You can also reach up to 50 km/h (31 mph) during your crazy ride!

Up to 10 riders can start their 10 or 20 minute rides at the same time and the Xbox games will be offered for those who are waiting for their ride.

So much fun! Are you ready?
*This might be also a private activity, although will depend on the total Nr of people in your group.

We Will catch up in the Old Riga Town and drive to the drifting hall.

Duration:1 hour
Commences in:Riga, Latvia

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