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  • Flyboard experience 3 Hours

Flyboard experience 3 Hours

Flyboard experience 3 Hours
Flyboard experience 3 Hours

When you are in Hong Kong, try Flyboarding, one of the latest in the world of water sports. Nha Trang Hong Kong's Flyboard staff will provide you with all the useful tips you need to fly over the water during this event, combining the skills and practices of water skiing, water skiing and even acrobatic diving. When booking, please choose a 30 minute or one hour course


Participate in the FLYBOARD event at the Yuhai Center. Each hour/$1100 can be attended by individuals or individuals. As the event takes place in the center of the sea, we will pick up each participant in the nearby small dock. All participants will have private It is very safe for the coach to accompany him. When one of the participants is involved in the activity, the friends in the same place can take a break on the boat or take a dip in the sea. They only need to bring a small amount of equipment to start, such as swimwear, towels and clean clothes. Life jacket equipment will be provided.

Duration:60 days
Commences in:Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Country:People's Republic of China
City:Hong Kong

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