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  • Underwater Scooter Experience from Treasure Island

Underwater Scooter Experience from Treasure Island

Underwater Scooter Experience from Treasure Island
Underwater Scooter Experience from Treasure Island

If you've never dived, then this activity is for you! Your 1-hour small-group experience happens in the beautiful waters surrounding Treasure Island. The underwater scooter is a unique way to discover the fascinating underwater world of the Pacific Ocean. The ride is easy, fun and safe for everyone. 

The underwater scooter ride lasts 30 minutes. Please allow another 30 minutes for a safety briefing and to go over equipment. Total tour time is 1 hour. 

Your S2 (double) is for two people aged 10 or over. No prior experience or training required.

You will dive at five meters depth amid a colorful sea of coral and tropical fish, accompanied at all times by a professional diver as you visit the tropical waters between Treasure Island and Bounty Island.

After your tour, enjoy the paradise island beaches for the rest of the day.

Meet at the Treasure Island diving club office at the time stated in your reservation.

The staff will equip you and take you to the dive site by boat (less than 15 minutes). Once there, you will be briefed on how to use your scooter and informed of safety conditions. No specific preparation or training required. 

Once you've familiarized yourself with the process, you will enter a half-submerged platform where you will to take your scooter. A diver will accompany you the entire time, guiding you to three meters depth, then staying with you for the full 30-minute tour. You will then return to the pontoon and be taken to the diving club for a debriefing and to see pictures from your tour.

The process relies on the upside-down cup principle: the helmet is filled with air, allowing you to breathe safely and keep your head dry. If you wear glasses, you can keep them on. The air supply is provided by a diving cylinder. You will be comfortably seated on your scooter and will use the electric engine to move forward, upward or downward, choosing your direction using the handlebars.

The maximum depth is five meters. You don’t need any experience in snorkeling or scuba diving.

Duration:1 hour
Commences in:Denarau Island, Fiji
City:Denarau Island

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