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Day Trip To Blue Nile Gorge and Jemma Valley

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Day Trip To Blue Nile Gorge and Jemma Valley
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Day Trip To Blue Nile Gorge and Jemma Valley

Around 200km from Addis Ababa, Travelers Experience one of Ethiopia’s most dramatic stretches of road begins its serpentine descent to the bottom of the Blue Nile Gorge, 1km below. The gorge is traversed by a tortuous road with spectacular views in places, and a pair of bridges cross the river – the new Japanese suspension bridge handles traffic while the Italian original is now used by shepherds. Unfortunately the beauty on the southern side is frequently marred by cement-company quarries. On the way back from Blue Nile Gorge stop at Debre Libanose in German Lodge while having your Lunch on the Top of the Lodge admiring the African great Canyon with stunning view of the jemma river valley and you will having Ethiopian typical Coffee ceremony then we visit The Oldest Portuguese Bridge and jemma river water fall the same locationwe see a groups of Ethiopian endemic mammal Chiladda Baboon a Close Encounter and taking photograph once we finish we drive to Debre Libanose monastery Museume.


The dramatic scenery view of Blue Nile Gorge, Historical monastery of Debrelibanos & Jama valley.
The magnificent view of the gorge of Blue Nile lies 200km north from Addis to Bahrdar road over the Entoto Mountain passing through the Sululta Plains.

85 % of the Nile Water originates in Ethiopia, pours out from Lake Tana. The road, after 200 km on the highland, it begins to make dramatic stretches down into the Blue Nile gorge, 1000m below, and this is the most spectacular scenery of the landscape of the area. It is really amazing how the great Nile erodes the rock and makes a marvelous landscape. The Gorge is at 1 km in-depth comparable in scale to the Grand Canyon of America.

Next tour visit is the monastery of Debre Libanos monastery founded in the 13th century by Abuse Tekle Haymanot. Overlooking Jema River Gorge, a tributary of the Blue Nile, the monastery owns ecclesiastical, cultural and historical relics; we have also a chance to see birds and baboons.

Below the monastery, there is a bridge which is called Portuguese bridge or Egg Bridge. Near by the Bridge a group of Chilada Baboon close encounter as well.

Duration:11 hours 20 minutes
Commences in:Dejen, Ethiopia

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