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4 Day Breathtaking Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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4 Day Breathtaking Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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4 Day Breathtaking Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Kingdom of Bosnia (Bosnian: Bosansko kraljevstvo, Босанско краљевство) was a medieval kingdom that evolved from the Banate of Bosnia (1154–1377). Its extensive, region-wide socio-economic, political and cultural influence was of great effect in the later development of medieval Balkan states, and Balkan history in general.

Bosnia enjoyed de facto independence in the 13th and 14th centuries despite nominal subjection to Hungary. Its difficult terrain and remoteness enabled the Bosnians to maneuver between their two powerful neighbours, Hungary and Serbia, usually managing to avoid subordination to either. Several capable rulers allowed Bosnia briefly to play the role of great power in the 14th century. After 1290, Bosnia enjoyed virtual independence from Hungary and gained significant territory in Dalmatia at Serbia's expense.


Day 1: Amazing Sarajevo

Stop At: Sarajevo City Hall, Vijecnica Bb, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Arrival in Sarajevo in the morning hours – guided tour of the town with a local guide. Walking down the streets of this town you will be able to see Franciscan church, old orthodox Christian church, mosques and synagogue.

Free time for your individual activities.

Dinner and overnight in hotel.
Duration: 6 hours

Pass By: NowBosnia, Mostar bb, Mostar 88000 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Meals included:
• Dinner
Accommodation included: Depends on package purchased

Day 2: Breathtaking Cites of the Bosnia Kingdom

Stop At: Bobovac, Vares Bosnia and Herzegovina
Breakfast in hotel, we will depart to Vareš where we will visit Bobovac.

Royal city Bobovac was built during the reign of Stjepan Kotromanić, in the middle of 14 century. The place where the crown of the Bosnian Kingdom was kept and where the Bosnian monarchs had been buried since the beginning of the 15th century, Bobovac represented a symbol of its political independence and incorporation into a wider European context to the very end of the mediaeval Bosnian state in 1463. The fort is situated 60 minutes walking and 15 minutes drive from Kraljeve Sutjeske and 30 minutes drive from Vares on the gravel ground.

Visit of Kraljevska Sutjeska, a place where king Tvrtko Kotromanić and Queen Katharine where living, King’s wife, Catherine, laments even today, in her memory women wear black shawls as part of the traditional costumes.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Franciscan monastery Kraljeva Sutjeska, Kraljeva Sutjeska, Kakanj 72244 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kraljeva Sutjeska is a village in the municipality of Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The village hosts a number of important historical sites: ruins of the medieval Bosnian Court 14th century Catholic Franciscan monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Vranduk Fortress - Muzej Grada Zenice, Muhameda Seida Serdarevica bb, Zenica 72000 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vranduk village is established around medieval citadel of the same name, and together constitute protected architectural assembly, and as such a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a well preserved and maintained in good condition by local and state commissions for national monuments, and managed by local tourist organization.
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: Depends on package purchased.

Day 3: Fabulous Fojnica

Stop At: Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica, Ul. Fra Andela Zvizdovica 4, Fojnica BH-71270 Bosnia and Herzegovina
After breakfast, we will departure to Fojnica.

Fortress in Fojnica was the last fort to queen Katarina in Bosnian state on her way from Bobovac to Dubrovnik. The legend says that queen Katarina had ordered to hoove horses upside to fool the enemies on her way to Zenica . Traces of horseshoes on the road which lead to Zenica are still visible on the remains Kozovgrada.

Visit the Franciscan Monastery, which dates from the 14th century, a library containing about 40,000 titles and a significant collection of incunabula (books written before the 16th century). The monastery museum today keeps Ahdnamu – original of extremely significant document of the 16th Century issued by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, The document where the Franciscans in Bosnia are guaranteed the right to freely practice and spread their faith.
Duration: 4 hours

Stop At: Stari Grad, Old Town, Ulica Varos, Travnik Bosnia and Herzegovina
Travniks’ fortress, tombstones, and burial Maculja are the legacy of the medieval period in Travnik. The fortress is very well preserved and it is located between two creeks, Hendek and ˆumeće, access is provided from the north side over a stone bridge. The worth of visiting is the Museum Travnik, which contains a large number of photographs, a library, a collection of paintings, artefacts and ethnological very rich numismatic fund. As the Travnik was the birthplace of Nobel prize winner writer Ivo Andric (1892.-1975.), His house is now a memorial museum which is exposed to a constant setting – the birth room, Travnik Chronicle, library and art collection.

Lunch in a restaurant in Travnik.

Departure to Jajce. a medieval city that rises above the 22-meter high waterfall Pliva, fortress walls and towers (St. and the tower of St. Mary. Luke) and the catacombs of the 15th century is one of the richest medieval monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the reign of the king Tvrtko II Jajce became a royal town. The last Bosnian King Stjepan Tomašević was crowned in Jajce, whose mortal remains are kept in the Franciscan monastery. At the other end of the Old Town is located Krslak houses from the 18th Ages.
Duration: 4 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: Depends on package purchased.

Day 4: Transfer to Sarajevo International Airport

Pass By: Sarajevo City Center, Vrbanja 1, Sarajevo 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina
After breakfast, we will transfer you to the Sarajevo International Airport.

Meals included:
• Breakfast
No accommodation included on this day.

Duration:4 days
Commences in:Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country:Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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