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  • Cheese making tour

Cheese making tour

Cheese making tour
Cheese making tour

this tour duration is approximately 4 hours or more including the travelling distance

What to bring: 
• packed breakfast and/or lunch 
• bottled water and/or snacks 

What to wear: 
• comfortable clothing and running/hiking shoes

When you think of Belize, you probably don’t think of cheese, but there are some great dairy farms in Belize! Tour a small farm in Calla Creek, Belize that specializes in goat cheese. Nina and her family will show you around their farm, which you must access with a boat across the river. The farm contains goats, cows, horses, and other animals, as well as a variety of crops, including towering, ancient trees. After touring the farm, Nina will show you the process of making goat cheese and let you sample fresh goat milk and cheese. Another option is touring Ian Anderson’s lodge on the beautiful Hummingbird Highway near Belmopan. These artisan cheeses are made with organic full cream milk, and there are a variety of cheeses to choose from. Sample the cheeses, choose your favorite, and take it along on your picnic lunch to the ruins, caves, or waterfalls!

Duration:4 hours
Commences in:Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Belize
City:Benque Viejo Del Carmen

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